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Use this form to contact the OneGoal Chicago Innovation Team if:

  • You want to give feedback or make suggestions for this website or chatbot.
  • You want to submit updated information for any programs or deadlines for your program or institution.

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    Instead of using this contact form, please go to the links below if you have a different need:

    • If you are a OneGoal Fellow who can’t reach their PD and you need guidance, go here
    • If you need advising support, you can look up who’s in your corner by searching our Staff Directory by high school or college.
    • Directly ask our college advising chatbot or text us! If the bot doesn’t know, we will do the research to train it to answer your question. And others who come after you will benefit from this knowledge, too. So help us make our bot smarter by asking it questions!
    • If you want to talk to a near peer mentor about college and career experiences or get academic tutoring, go to the Build My Network page.