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FAFSA Walkthrough

Applying for FAFSA? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you complete it accurately.

FAFSA Walkthrough

Step 01: Start Planning Early

Develop your game plan to pay for college

Step 02: Fill Out the FAFSA® Form

Apply for federal student aid

Develop your game plan to pay for college

Check out the rest of this 8-part video series at the Khan Academy.

Step 03: Review Your Aid Offer

Compare the aid each school is offering

Don’t love your financial aid offer? Find out how to get a better offer from the school of your choice [link to Summer Hub resource: How to get a better financial aid offer].

Step 04: Get Your Aid

Aid goes to your student account first

If your aid offer includes work study, find out more about what work study actually is by clicking here!

Step 05: Repay Your Loans

Find an affordable repayment plan

It may also help to find out about student loan forgiveness [link to Summer Hub resource: Student loan forgiveness] options in the future. 

Need additional help?

  • ISACorps Mentor! – The Illinois Student Assistance Corps is a talented group of recent college graduates who have been trained on supporting students through financial aid applications and FAFSA verification. Look up the mentor assigned to your high school and/or your neighborhood for more assistance
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