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“You’re stronger and you’re better and you’re ready for           whatever”

-Alicia Keys, American singer and songwriter

Free Resources

We’ve rounded up a list of free resources that are available to graduating seniors in Chicago.

Preparation Toolkit

Figure out transportation, logistics, money so that you can be ready for your first day on campus.

First Day of College To-Do List:

  1. Find your classes ahead of time!
    Save yourself the stress of finding your classes on the first day. A day or two before classes start, use a campus map to find each class so you won’t be panicking to find them on the first day!
  2. Be Prepared!
    Some professors do not allow electronic devices in their class. So if you plan on using a laptop to take notes, be prepared with a spare notebook to take notes on.
  3. Read The Syllabus!
    This may seem obvious but actually read the syllabus! Professors leave valuable information in there (like not having to buy the textbook) that could save you when midterms/finals come around.
  4. Stay Organized!
    Having a planner can help you keep all your work in a single place so you never forget an assignment! Some schools even have apps dedicated to helping you keep track of coursework. Keeping your notes tidy and organized can also help you review after the lecture is over.
  5. Make New Connections!
    This may not be your highest priority but its one of the greatest things about college, make new connections! Meet new people! This is your time to find a new study buddy, study groups, etc. Having a group of people that you could work on coursework with and review for tests together with can go a lot farther than just passing the course. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to the person sitting next to you!
  6. Get Good Sleep!
    Starting/having a good sleep schedule is more of an essential that students think. A good 8-hour sleep will have you feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day. Getting ample amounts of sleep help you stay focused during class, improve concentration, and can overall boost your academic performance.

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