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OneGoal Fellows and Alumni

OneGoal Fellow Resources

This page is specifically for OneGoal Fellows. If you are unsure if you are a OneGoal Fellow, scroll down below the video to the section labeled “How do you know if you’re a OneGoal Fellow?”  If you are a Fellow, this page is here for you to explore the additional supports that are available to you as a part of our core program. 

Is a financial barrier preventing you from enrolling in or remaining enrolled in a two-year, four-year, or certificate program? Fellows and Alumni are eligible to apply for up to $1,000 in support this semester to assist with eligible expenses. Click the button below for our Emergency Fund application. The application includes eligibility information, which you should read before applying.  Have questions about the Emergency Fund? Email

OneGoal Y3 Fellows from the Class of 2022 can sign up for appointments with our advisors to discuss their postsecondary plans; troubleshoot issues with financial aid, housing, or academics; build academic success skills, and more. Please feel free to book an appointment at your convenience here.

Financial Issues

  • Understanding Financial Aid Award Packages (accepting aid awards, appealing aid awards, creating payment plans)
  • Accessing OneGoal Emergency Funds for things like tuition costs, books, or getting to campus for your first day of classes (after our fund opens in July)

Academic Issues

  • SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) Appeals/Academic Probation Appeals
  • Registering for classes
  • Completing other steps in the enrollment process

Other Topics

  • Finding Progressive Pathways (certificate/certification programs) that meet your personal, financial, and academic fit criteria
  • Applying to Beyond12 (our partner org providing free postsecondary advising for two years)


  • Need support with something related to school? Reach out to and we will route you to the right place.
“I AM bound for greatness, I CAN reach my potential, I WILL claim my inheritance, I DREAM of a future that I create, I BELIEVE in my  resilience, I BELONG in college.”
    • You took the OneGoal class as an elective in your high school during junior and senior year.
    • You have a teacher who is your “OneGoal Program Director” (PD) who taught your OneGoal class and is committed to supporting you remotely in the year immediately after high school (Y3). 
      • This video introduces what PDs do:

Our Four-Year Partners

Partner Institution What OneGoal Fellows Need to Know 
Augustana College All incoming OneGoal students will gain access to Augustana’s Community Based Organization (CBO) Scholars Program + Grant, which includes:

  • Preparation Awareness Community Engagement (PACE) Mentorship program: Moving into campus with other CBO scholars early to complete 4 days of programming prior to Welcome Week and begin building relationships with their peer mentor
  • $3,000-$5,000 in CBO Scholars grant money; an average OOP cost of $2000-$3000 for a student w/ an EFC of 0 [after loans]
  • Campus Visit Grant of $4,000 ($1,000 per year): If an admitted student steps foot on campus, they can access this funding
Columbia College CPS Scholarship! Columbia now offers a scholarship especially for OneGoal Fellows with a 2.75 GPA or higher. Fellows can earn up to $13,500 each year!
DePaul University DePaul has remained a top choice for many Fellows going into fields like education, journalism + communication, computer science + gaming, and medicine. Use BlueStar to stay connected to your online academic advising and support system of advisors and instructors. Chicago Community College Transfer Scholarship offers  $6,000 to students seeking  to transfer to DePaul after completing their Associates Degree at a community college.
Dominican University OneGoal Scholarship! All Fellows who are admitted to Dominican as freshmen are eligible for a $2,500 scholarship that will get renewed every year. All Fellows get automatic access and enrollment into Blueprints for Success: Identity 101 in their first semester where they will receive hands-on support with things like time management, study skills, financial literacy, and more.
Elmhurst College United Scholars Scholarship is a scholarship and cohort program awarded to two OneGoal Fellows each year and will cover any gap you have  in financial aid, including for those Fellows who choose to live with the cohort on campus in the United Scholars dorm. 
Illinois State University Illinois State has been a OneGoal partner since 2014 and has some of our highest persistence rates for Fellows. Poshlyn Nicholson is OneGoal’s campus liaison at ISU and leads the MASAI peer mentoring program for first year students. Along with her team, she provides Fellows with one-on-one academic, financial, and personal support.
National Louis University NLU is one of the most affordable undergraduate programs in Illinois that can often be paid for entirely through MAP and Pell Grants depending on a student’s FAFSA. The Eagle Dream Scholarship provides up to $5,000 to undocumented students. Through NLU’s Pathways Program, students attend classes Mon/Wed and complete the rest online and are each given a Success Coach who offers one-on-one support.
North Park University North Park has been a partner since 2017 and has been a true champion of OneGoal Fellows ever since.  Our OneGoal liaison, Evelyn Aucutt, is your go-to person on campus for help and guidance. The COMPASS  program provides all first year students with a special summer orientation that helps prepare you for the academic and social transitions ahead. The OneGoal Scholarship at North Park provides a $2,000 renewable scholarship to all Fellows who enroll as freshmen!
Northern Illinois University Our contact in the Academic Advising Center, Michelle Pickett, along with her staff, are there to support OneGoal Fellows who need help with course scheduling, identifying a future major, and getting connected to academic tutoring.
Quincy University Quincy University  is a small, Catholic,  liberal arts college about 5 hours away from Chicago located in a rural town in Western Illinois. They welcome all faiths and value diversity, service, leadership, inclusiveness, accountability, pursuit of knowledge, justice and peace.  There are about 1,100 total undergraduate students on campus representing 30 states and 12 countries.  
Roosevelt University (merged w/Robert Morris University Roosevelt University (RU) by way of the former Robert Morris University Illinois a has been a OneGoal partner since 2014, and received the 2019 Outstanding Postsecondary Partner Award last year. The campus is located in downtown Chicago, on Michigan and Van Buren. Roosevelt University is a liberal arts school with over 70 undergraduate programs. 
Saint Xavier University Saint Xavier University (SXU) is a Catholic university, founded by the Sisters of Mercy, and has been a OneGoal Partner since 2017. The campus is located at 3700 W 103rd Street on the Southwest Side of Chicago. 
University of Illinois at Chicago University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC is comprised of various buildings located near Greektown and South Loop in Chicago, IL.
University of Illinois at Springfield University of Illinois – Springfield (UIS) is located in rural Illinois, just 200 miles Southwest of Chicago (about a 3 hour drive). UIS has been a OneGoal post-secondary partner since 2014. Our OneGoal champion on campus is Aaron Boettcher, Sr. Admissions Counselor, Send any questions his way!  Nursing Scholarships: Springfield hospitals are able to provide students with $7,500-$12,000 based on GPA of 3.25 or above.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) is located in Urbana and Champaign, IL (140 miles South of Chicago) and is the first University of Illinois. There are a total of 33,700 undergraduate + 14,700 graduate students on UIUC’s campus, representing 50 states and 116 countries. In order for OneGoal to continue to support students at UIUC, students must complete a FERPA Waiver at UIUC’s registrar once officially enrolled. This waiver allows OneGoal staff and Program Directors access to information on student academic progress. 
Western Illinois University Western Illinois University (WIU) is located in Macomb, IL, a small, rural area, just a 4 hour drive Southwest of Chicago, IL. There are about 5,408 undergraduate students and 888 graduate students, so the campus is relatively small.  

Our 2-Year and Alternative Program Partners

Partner Institution What OneGoal Fellows Need to Know 
Arrupe College 75% of students graduate from Arrupe with little to no debt. Arrupe is a great 2-year option with a strong graduation rate. Arrupe welcomes and supports undocumented students and offers financial aid and scholarships via THEDREAM.US   
Harold Washington College (CCC) Harold Washington College (HWC) is located in the heart of the Loop and right  across the street from the OneGoal Chicago office. This CCC campus is one of OneGoals oldest partners among all 7 CCC institutions in the district. Deans Jacqueline Werner and Patricia Cuevas are very familiar with OneGoal and work to guide all advisors and admissions counselors to support Harold Washington Fellows in need. 
Daley College (CCC) Daley College is located on the Southwest Side of Chicago at 7500 South Pulaski Road and operates an additional satellite location, Arturo Velasquez Institute, at 2800 South Western Avenue. The Disability Access Center (DAC) offers support to Fellows who are seeking IEP accommodations. You should visit the office and provide documentation to ensure you begin the term with the appropriate supports in place. 
Kennedy King College (CCC) Kennedy-King College is located on the Southside of Chicago, on the border of the Englewood community.  The campus serves as the City College hub for Culinary, Hospitality, and Construction Technology programs. There two satellite campuses, Dawson Technical Institute and Washburne Culinary Institute. 
Malcolm X College (CCC) Malcolm X College (MXC) is located near the Illinois Medical District and is one of the largest selections of health sciences degrees in Cook County. Omar Juarez is the OneGoal advisor and the best person to consult about registration, course selection or participation in special programs related to your major of choice. 
Olive-Harvey College (CCC) Olive-Harvey College is the largest of the city college’s campuses, and is located at 10001 South Woodlawn Avenue in southeast Chicago. It offers a number of programs in Transportation, Distribution and Logistics (TDL) with a focus on key modes of transportation such as air, rail and road.  Dean of Enrollment Management, Shaun Manning, works closely with OneGoal to share opportunities that OneGoal Fellows should participate in on campus. 
Truman College (CCC) Located in the heart of the Uptown neighborhood, Truman College students come from 160 different countries speaking more than 90 different languages. Truman College offers a combination of certificates and associate​ degrees with an emphasis on education, human and natural sciences.  
Wilbur Wright College (CCC) Wright’s main campus is in Chicago at 4300 North Narragansett Avenue. Wright’s satellite campus is the Humboldt Park Vocational Education Center​, 1645 North California Avenue in Chicago. Wright College has two advisors that connect with OneGoal staff on a monthly basis, but students can be assigned to one of the other 18 different advisors on campus. Liz Miazek and Yolanda Martinez are some of our main adviser contacts, but every student has their own advisor. 
YearUp Year Up is a one-year, intensive training program that provides young adults, ages 18-24, with a combination of hands-on skills development, coursework eligible for college credit, corporate internships, and wraparound support. 
  • Y3 Year: If you are a Y3 Fellow you are in the third year of our program and your first year after high school. Your Program Director (the teacher from your high school OneGoal class) is dedicated to supporting you through that transition for the full year after high school until you re-enroll in your second year of college or alternative program the next fall. 
  • Alumnihood: After that first summer when you enter your second year postsecondary, you become an official OneGoal alumni! That means you are still eligible to take advantage of OneGoal’s resources such as emergency funds, your OneGoal email account, and access to OneGoal staff, networks, and connections.

Optional Opportunities to Consider


  • Guild’s “Get a job to go to college” program connects Fellows who want to go to college but can’t afford to with an Employer Partner who can financially support you with your education while working.  
  • Use Guild’s platform to explore and apply to jobs with employers who offer tuition benefits. 
  • Once hired, Guild coaches support you to understand employers’ tuition benefits, enroll in a degree/credential program, and balance the rigors of work and school on your path towards graduation. 
  • Check out the step-by-step process here 
  • Interested? Visit to learn more about the employers, tuition benefits, and job openings