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A Fresh Start at CCC Without College Debt

This scholarship program gives your education a financial clean slate.

What is it?

City Colleges of Chicago has created the Fresh Start program that allows you to get your previous CCC college debts waived.

How does it work? 

All you have to do is re-enroll with the promise to complete a certification or degree, and your previous CCC student debt disappears. Your debt is waived in two phases. Half of your debt will be waived once enrolled. The other half will be waived upon earning your certificate or degree.

Who is it for?

You are eligible if you were enrolled, or attempted to enroll, at City Colleges with at least $201 of debt before July 1st, 2020.

You are eligible regardless of educational status, GPA, or SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) holds on financial aid.

To remain eligible you will be required to attend one 45-minute credit building workshop and one 1-hour financial coaching session. You must also maintain Satisfactory Academic progress.

How to apply?

  1. Apply to City Colleges of Chicago.
  2. Apply for financial aid.
  3. Review & Sign the Fresh Start Commitment form.
  4. Submit a $75 non-refundable reinstatement fee.
  5. Take placement test(s), if applicable.
  6. Meet with an academic advisor and register for classes.
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