Still Exploring

Your Story is Your Strength

Still exploring your options? Let’s start with your unique story. What are the histories and traditions that you want to elevate? What have you learned about yourself and the world? This section will help you reflect on your identity, values, strengths and interests so grab a journal and get comfortable!

Set My Vision

Wisdom and genius lives deep within you.

Chart My Course

Time to turn your vision into a plan.

Ready for next steps?


Apply to the programs of my choice.

Funding Options

Secure the money to pay for my tuition.

Just the Headlines, Please

Don’t have time to go deep into each section? Not a problem. Let us cut to the chase.

Set My Vision

  • If you’re wondering if you’ve missed your chance to apply to college or a program, you haven’t! It’s never too late to set your vision and create an action plan.
  • People who can name their purpose (their why, the mark they want to make in the world) showed higher levels of physical health, brain function, and life satisfaction and lower levels of depression, anxiety, loneliness, etc.
  • When considering career direction, embrace your strengths and interests and map them to a need in the world to identify possible career paths to explore.

Chart My Course

  • Figure out what kind of degree, credential, or training you need and research the college or career programs that are still accepting applications.
  •  Create a plan for getting your degree: secure an application fee waiver (if necessary), request letters of recommendation, and complete applications for admission and financial aid.

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