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My name is Elijah and I went to Air Force Academy High School. I go to Illinois State University right now and I’ll be graduating next year (Lord willing). The Paying For It All tab is probably my favorite part of the Summer Hub site because it’s what I struggled with during my transition to college and I even still need it now. I’d say that my favorite feedback or thoughts on the site is not being afraid of failure because we learn a lot from it and can afford to since we are in our first year of building this site as a resource for Chicago high school graduates.


Hi my name is AJ, I went to Rickover Naval Academy. I graduated from Wilbur Wright college with an Associate in Science. I’m currently majoring in Kinesiology and Nutrition at University if Illinois Chicago. One of my favorite things on the Summer Hub website is the Building a LinkedIn profile tab.

I think this is so important because most of us have a private or public social media presence but our generation should also know how to have a professional presence on social media as well which can help get job and internship opportunities.


Hey my name is Edandre or Andre for short! I am a Steinmetz alumni and currently a student at Wilbur Wright! My favorite part of the Summer Hub Chi website has to definitely be the Job Training section because it helps young adults like me find options outside of school for job opportunities!


Hello, my name is Esme! I went to Solorio High School (c/o 2017) and just recently graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign! My superpower is Empathy! <3 My favorite part of the Summer Hub Chi has to be the Preparation Toolkit because it’s something I wish I had when I was leaving for college!